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Monique Costa is a singer/songwriter from Victoria, Australia.  She tutors piano and voice students, loves singing, playing piano and guitar and recently took up the cello. Monique is the music director at South Barwon Christian Reformed Church, has been married for 20 years and is mother to three children.  

Music has always played a big part in Monique’s life.  “I remember listening to records on Sunday afternoons and always loved singing along with my Dad when he played the guitar or piano.  I began learning piano at age 7 and continued for 10 years.”

At age 17 Monique was invited to join the youth choir at her local church.  “I loved being part of this group. The rich harmonies gave me goosebumps and the response of those who listened was very encouraging.”  Monique began professional vocal lessons which lead to Jazz Music training at Gordon Tafe College.

Monique has been blessed to lead worship in her local church for over 20 years and has found it a great privilege to also teach her own students the art of singing.  “Recently I’ve been training vocalists at a local Christian school, preparing them for musical theatre performance.  It is indeed rewarding to see these students work hard and achieve a great sound together as they act and sing on stage.”  Monique has sung internationally for ‘YWAM’ (Youth with a mission), has had the pleasure of singing with various choirs ranging from 20 to 300 people and has led worship at conferences here and abroad.

Whilst Monique dabbled in song writing over the years, it wasn’t till recently that this began to flourish.  “I suddenly found my years of musical knowledge and spiritual understanding colliding in an unexpected way.  Throughout 2014 and 2015 my church community went through a particularly hard time as loved ones battled chronic illness.  I was drawn to God’s Word for answers, for comfort and peace.  I sang new melodies to the Psalm’s laments, interceding for suffering believers before God in prayer.  I found myself being used as a vessel to share God’s sovereignty, love, mercy and faithfulness through the songs I created through His leading.”  Monique shared these songs with those suffering in her church.  “These songs were received as a gift and many felt blessed and comforted by them.”  A few months later the opportunity arose to begin recording these songs and share them with the wider community.  “I was a little daunted by the task, but felt led to walk down this path. God has been with me every step of the way.  He has brought many people into my life to help make this album a reality.”  Monique has found the last two years a huge learning curve, grasping the art of digital recording. “As a child I soaked in a lot watching my Dad’s band using analogue recording. Modern day digital recording has been a massive learning curve for me, but totally worth the effort!”

‘Heart’s Cry’ is Monique’s debut album. She has composed and produced beautiful songs that reflect the Psalms’ laments and the hope God gives us through his son Jesus Christ. She says, “My prayer is that these songs resonate with the listener’s soul, reminding them of the Sovereign God who loves us, guides us and comforts us. He created us to be in relationship with Him. He longs for us to cry out to him, whether in praise, love, anguish or sorrow. What an honor we have to walk with the God of the universe, call him ‘Father’ and live in his everlasting peace.”